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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Mirror Image...

It was a very rainy day yesterday!

So rainy, that MPH came home early from work.

He had read the blog!

We talked...

He agreed things have been "out of sorts" as of late...

Yes, he has had things on his mind lately,

He has been busy with moving, adjusting to the new place, the new job, being sick...

And yes me....

figuring me out is certainly no easy task!

He wants me to be happy, i am quite aware of that!

But when he is stressed i feel it,

and i too become stressed!

A mirror image...

And he admitted, he considered "options"

a change in the situation....

Call it temporary insanity,

but i think he forgot...

I wear his collar, the one he put on, the one i love wearing!

I am his ... completely!

I think at times he feels he is a visitor,

But i would not wear the collar of a visitor!

He is no visitor!

He is my Master, my Owner...

and i am Histoy...

in every sense of the word!


  1. I do hope things sort themselves out soon...and I am sure they will!

  2. Thank you His_C ! Yes adjusting to 24/7 can be very difficult, but i know the strength that each of us has and as in your previous blog ... "just a bump in the road"...shit happens... we will get through it! :)