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Sunday, September 11, 2011

right now....

So as i turn the page of this new book in my life, i wonder where the next path will lead! I feel as if i have come out of this stronger and wiser, but really only time will tell if that is really so!

i am not dwelling in the muck...

No, that leads no where!

We are cutting new paths, watching for new adventures... bigger better ones!

I have brought my old profiles back to life, with the warning attached that really i am not seeking right now, anything other than "good" friends!

Although i know that for anyone to take that in any literal sense would be asking for far too much!

But right now, right here, that is really all i want!

And the really bright side is.... i have lots of new toys, and do not need to ask permission from anyone to use them!!!

Every cloud has a silver lining!


  1. Good for you!

    Keep your spirits up :)

  2. go girl!..the sub wagons are circling around you :)

  3. The sub wagons are circling? LOL! Geez..now I feel like an Indian trying to break through with my bow and arrow just to leave a nice note. It's not like all of we Doms are trying to rush in, take some scalps, and ride off back to our teepee. LOL! Seriously though, circle your wagons of support and friendship. there is nothing better than knowing you have that in tough times.

    As for the toys...go for it. I think you should use them all. Go nuts! No permissions...no waiting...just using them over and over until you can't stand it any more. Oh...depending on the toy, make sure you have extra batteries. Nothing more frustrating than batteries going dead in the middle of your fun. ;)


  4. lol well thank you Sir.... i will get right on those toys (in a manner of speaking) ...you are such a Dom DV! smiles... I know my friends are there in the circle, Dom and submissive alike! And it is a nice warm feeling....

  5. You should have a blogging toy party, one for everyday of the week. An informal review if sorts - pictures also lol!

  6. Oh yes please...blogging toy party! Some of us, well...me actually, need A LOT of new toys, so I'm looking for something new and fun!


  7. Sending warm wishes to you. I second DV's suggestion about the batteries. Nothing worse than pushing that switch in the heat of the moment and hearing crickets :-0

  8. lol agree K thank you for the warm wishes :)