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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feeling sky high....

When MPH finally moved in, i cleared the clothes in my closet to one side, leaving the entire other side for him. This is a difficult task for any woman. Deciding which items to keep, and which to donate to the local charitable foundations.

But for me the most difficult part of that task was determining which shoes to keep!

Yes i must confess i am indeed a shoe whore...

I love high heels!

And over the years i have learned to curb the habit of constant shoe shopping...

Often i go and window shop only, not actually purchasing the shoes, but rather admiring their lines, trying them on, taking a few steps and putting them back on the shelf.

It felt at times like saying good bye to a dear old friend, shed a few tears, then walk away not daring to look back...

But on the official day of MPH's big move in, he came bearing gifts....

One of those gifts in the form of a 7" heel...

And when i put them on, the 5'4" slut suddenly became almost as tall as her 6' tall Master...


  1. Mmmm, shoes or Master??
    Good choice, lol!

  2. Ooh, those shoes are awesome! I'm a klutz so I would probably break a leg in them lol, but I can drool!

  3. Heels do great things for a woman's legs...at least from this guys point of view. :)


  4. SBF... yes no doubt... one can always walk barefoot : )

    lil... they actually are surprisingly easy to walk in, once you get over the fear of heights...

    DV ... agreed but also, what heels like that do to her mindset is pretty awesome as well, how can one not "feel" totally slutty wearing such shoes ...now if only i had a pole in my house!

  5. Even though my lizard is 5'9" I do have a few slutty shoes for her which she can only wear when I'm already lying down--otherwise she would tower over me!

  6. woohoooo I'm jealous! I'm such a shoe whore myself *giggle*

  7. Oh, those are nice. Very nice. I tried some on this weekend, but went with some more sensible 4" work heels. LOL! I am drooling over yours!

  8. ND... yes it is a bit "different" when the height changes, even though he is still taller only by an inch or so, it feels odd to not look "up" into his eyes...

    Thank you Giggling Bunny for the understanding
    ... : )

    oooo poured...4" is just about right for everyday, i admire your strength : )

  9. love them what gorgeous shoes - just awesome :)

  10. HOLY CRAP.. I love them! I, too, am a shoe whore... so I feel your pain... but am SO jealous of those shoes! Enjoy!

  11. Whew! Hot, hot shoes!! Shoe slut here too... as I've gotten older, one of the great "tragedies" is that I can't wear heels as high as I used to, or wear them for as long. :-( But I sure enjoy that other people can!


  12. ahhh thank you kiwi and sbs...

    and aisha... they are not really "wearing" shoes they are sitting (or laying) looking pretty shoes...lol