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Friday, August 12, 2011

home safe and sound....

We survived!

Seven wonderful days together and

MPH hasn't admitted to being bored with me yet!

The girl is beyond happy and content!

What a learning experience this trip has been for me!

I have learned so very much about MPH, very important details...

I discovered the extent my Master enjoys driving in a car with his slave,
naked and on display...

I did finally see what the inside of those peep booths look like, and how very little room there is... ummm ... to move around...

And how well my Master can spank and drive both at the same time...

But i noticed something very significant about myself in the process.

I feel owned....

The knowing that i belong to him never far from my mind, or his!

Even when meeting his family,

I didn't feel like the girlfriend, or the booty call...

He was always aware of me and what i was feeling, and he cared, really cared that all was good!

And although we didn't come home with any new tats...

(Yes he wants his slave marked)

The idea is closer than it was before the trip.

Just the details remain unresolved,

the wording, the location, etc

for now at least...


  1. Welcome home! sounds as though you had a wonderful time :)

    That must have been quite the adrenaline rush, being naked in a moving car ;)


  2. Naked in the car...purrr just lovely!

  3. So pleased that everything seems to be blissful.

    Good for you!

  4. Thanks all! Yes i will remember this trip...