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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It is just a piece of paper!

Being owned...

The property of...

belonging to...

collared by...

All terms designating a non single status!

I do not consider myself in any way as being "single".

I am taken, completely and totally!

And i look at MPH, and feel he too is "spoken" for!

He is mine, just as i am his!

So last night, we are laying in bed, and out of the blue i ask him....

Do you consider yourself single?

Knowing full well the answer i would hear was "No"...

But i was wrong!

His answer was Yes!


Yes i was shocked, i was hurt....

Maybe it is a difference in our "understanding" of commitment!

And maybe it was due to the fact that he was not feeling well,

or that he was dosed up with cold medicine!

Yes that is it, the medicine was clouding his thinking....

So i asked again, figuring he had time to consider his answer more clearly!

But the answer remained the same...

To me commitment is a state of being!

It does not lay in the laws of the land!

He has on several occasions dared me to run down to the court house with him...

But certainly, it is far too early for that!

Granted to say one is "married" does carry a tad more weight,

but only to others on the outside looking in.

And really, they are not my concern!

But he is!

So today i am left confused, trying to understand what exactly he meant!


  1. (((((HUGS))))) cold medicine can be evil....

  2. I tend to agree with your way of thinking. Commitment is a state of mind. Or at the least, an agreement between the two people involved. Especially if you are living together. It doesn't take a piece of paper or ceremony to be committed to each other. It's very easy to live together, be fully committed and monogamous, and never be officially married. I don't need a piece of paper or someone else to tell me how I feel and where my relationship stands. It is fully between me and my partner, how we feel about each other and our situation, and how we decide to handle and view it.

    I would ask him to clarify his statements and let you know exactly why he sees it the way he does. It could just be a technicality or semantics in how he is looking at it.


  3. Yes Dv~ As soon as he read the blog, he called!
    And it was a matter of him not understanding what i was asking... thus once again proving how very important clear communication is! I should have clarified what i was asking, versus what i was hearing, instead of just being torn and confused and then shutting down! As i tend to do so very well! Lessons learned...

  4. You reacted just like I would, lol. Thanks for learning, I mean teaching me a valuable lesson.

    :) Love ya

  5. Ha ha yes SFM... cold medicine can be evil... darn stuff!

    SBF.... So happy i am not alone in the "react first, discuss later" gene pool! ugh! lol

  6. See...a little clarification is all you needed. :)


  7. Good to see you got it clarified.


  8. Whew!

    Amazing how a bit of clarification, well, clears things up!