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Friday, August 5, 2011

The 7 day test...

I have been a good girl all week!

Yep, i have!

And there is a reason....

A huge test is on the horizon!

Seven days alone with MPH!

I am a bundle of excitement and of fear....

Fear of so much sex, um not just sex, MPH sex....

Hot, intense, raw passionate sex...

With the distance between us, we do not always have much time together.

Usually it is just a few days.

But he always leaves me knowing he has used me well.

Subtle little reminders, a mark here and there, a sore body part here and always there!

Plus, he has assigned me a "packing list"!

Restraints, rope, gag, plugs including the two that just make me wince upon sight...

And then of course a slut outfit, including a pair of 6" Fuck me shoes,

you know the ones...

they look so good, just don't expect me to walk in them...

Yes, fear and excitement!

But even though the blog may be a bit quiet, rest assured, the toy will not be...

She will be screaming and growling and purring and laughing and crying and most


she will be begging and pleading...

And hopefully

he will remember what a sweet little slave i have been all week...


Dreams are good to have aren't they?


  1. Dreams are excellent things to have :)



  2. Have a wonderful time.. we'll look forward to hearing about it when you get back!!


  3. Hey honey have a great time, hope your good at taking tests, lol!

  4. Awe... Thank you all, i am sure it will be quite memorable! SBF you know me... you know i always cheat on test : )
    Be safe all...

  5. Enjoy every minute and please share with us when you get back how good it was.


  6. woohoo hope it's an amazingly wonderful 7 days =)