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Friday, August 26, 2011

The reality is....

Things are settling in!

After being on my own for the past twenty some years, my fears of actually living with a Man once again have calmed.

Of course, the Man makes the difference!

MPH is very easy to live with!

He is not demanding or difficult to be with in any way!

Our work schedules vary enough that we are not constantly in each others way!

But to say i have no worries...

well, that would not be quite right!

I do worry that he may become bored, that the element of excitement we had by being together just a few nights a week, would some how change the dynamic that is us.

That intensity, when we knew we only had a limited amount of time together, that is seemingly different now.

Not a bad different, just different!

There is still intensity, but it is in a way, a much more subdued intensity!

I am still his slut, he is still my Master...

That will never change!

The way he makes me feel... safe, loved and thoroughly owned

that too remains unchanged!

And really, at the end of the day, what else matters....


  1. It will of course change the dynamic by living together... the trick is to keep communication open and never take the other for granted!!

    May the flame never grow dim! :)

  2. You must always make your own excitement. After five years of marriage, i still constantly think of new things to keep my lizard off guard and excited. You don't have to lose the intensity!

  3. Kazigrrl... you are so right! Thanks for the well wishes!

    ND... The intensity is still quite present, i honestly can't imagine that ever going anywhere... it is just different, probably because we are not trying to squeeze 7 days into 2 anymore... but excitement is always present when he is present! As it should be : )