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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Never stop dreaming....

My vacation is over, Master has returned to his home, and life is right where i left it a week ago.


I feel good! Like really good... about him, about us, about life...

There is just a wave of silly happiness around me and i am soaking it all up!

Seven days with him and i didn't get bored or antsy or agitated, i had no desire to flee, to get far away from him. Just perfectly happy with his arms around me, keeping me safe and secure, or watching him from across the room as his focus was directed to something other than his toy, or simply at his feet watching his eyes smile as he planned his next onslaught of his toy...

That in itself is something i thought i would never find.... I was wrong, very wrong....

And as i was catching up in Blogland, i read about the week that   SBF  had and her wannabee suitors on CM, and i am so thankful that those days are far far behind me.  But remember, MPH and i would not have met had it not been for CM, so somewhere in that whole mess of wannabees or couldabeens, there may just be the "One" who can sweep you off your feet, and offer you everything in life you have ever dared to dream of...

Just don't stop dreaming....

Cuz ya know, they do come true....


  1. :) so happy for you. I know that feeling of wow, I didn't get sick of him.... It's pretty special.



  2. aw thanks K... yes it is, pretty damn cool!

  3. Yes, dreams do come true and I am happy for you that yours has. Good luck.


  4. Yes, dreams do come true :)

    So pleased for you that yours did! Enjoy!


  5. Yes I am so happy for you and I will always hold you up as the example of success.

    PS I would like to hear more about the naked car ride, lol!

  6. Thank you all! And SBF, you seem to have a pretty good handle on weeding through the "potentials" just go with your gut always, it doesn't lie! And as far as the naked car ride...well you know shy ole me, not going to promise that.... but there are many fine details of the trip i may divulge later, bits and pieces scattered here and there...

  7. Thank you. I really needed to hear that. It does seem hopeless sometimes

  8. just when I needed a picker upper...I read this blog :) I will never stop dreaming...your right..."cuz ya know, they do come true"
    thank you :) and Congratulations once again! I love your blog

  9. Thank you Luta and giggling bunny... what a very kind thing to say!

    And please "do" always remember they really "do" come true....