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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

being reminded

"Who do you belong to?"

"To you my Master"

"That is right! And do i need to remind you of that?"

"No my Master"

"No what my slut?"

"No my Master, i know... i belong to you"

And with that he spins me around putting my hands on the counter, and bending me over it.

"Move those legs back and Stick that ass out"

Eagerly, i do as instructed.

Five or six heavy smacks on each cheek, i try as i may to not move, to hold my ass perfectly still, giving him the perfect target in which to aim. But as his hand meets the skin, the force throws me off balance. He grabs my hips, moving me back into position.

"Hold still, stop moving"

His hand maneuvers forcefully between my thighs, separating them, forcing me to stick my ass higher in the air, as he probes the wetness.

"oh my slut likes that doesn't she"

"Yes she does my Master"

"and would she like me to fuck her right now?"

"Oh god yes, please my Master please"

"Please what?"

"Please my Master, please fuck me, please fuck your slut"

Forcefully he reaches his arm around my neck and thrust his cock in my ass, unequivocally "taking" what he knows belongs to him...

As the waves of pleasure saturate my body, i know with no doubt, that yes this woman, this lil girl, this toy, this slut is completely...

and totally



  1. Mmmm...ain't that just the way of it? *sighs* I love those moments.

  2. Sigh...that's happiness.

  3. ahh yes, those are precious moments!

    *sighs and reminds herself that those moments are around the corner for me*

    Thanks for sharing histoy...i look forward to reading some of your back-blogs and to the future posts *wink*

    Wishing you and your Master well,

    --kitten for Sir

  4. *sighs ... Yes it is indeed happiness!

    Welcome Kitten...Thank you! i look forward to reading yours as well....