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Monday, July 25, 2011

good bye Amy.

How very sad and tragic! 

She was a beautiful woman, an awesome voice and a very hurting soul!

I do not know much about her, i am really not the type to go search info

on Celebrities, but she always caught  my attention!  

She was odd, yet her unmistakable uniqueness  was charismatic!

Even the first time i saw her i was drawn to her pain!

She wore it most innocently...

I see a tremendous amount of women in this lifestyle

with that same characteristic!

But then i may just start getting philosophical, and well thats not any fun!

So i will say to those who carry burdens in their life...

Let it go, find a way to

just let it go...

We get just one life

and to feel all that weight, is just not worth the price!

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