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Sunday, July 3, 2011

That Certain Something....

Although the Blog has been a bit quite lately, life in Histoy land or maybe it is better to be said MPH land is moving right along....

This dynamic has under gone some rather swift changes... ones that i revel in!

In MPH i see a Man very happily adapting to "toy Ownership". He is finding his way through this very complicated maze (yes that would be me) rather nicely.

Initially, there were times when i knew he wanted, well... something, but he was holding back, not wanting to push quite yet! As if i would take to the open highway if he were to ask too much of me! That is so not the case anymore!

He has "his" way of how he wants things, and he is by no means a "softie". I cannot just smile, bat my baby blues and say "but Master i don't feel like it" ohhhh no.... Not going to happen! If he senses hesitation... He will shoot me "that look" and poof i melt into one big ball of submissive goo! How does he do that? How does he know?

But changes, the biggest ones, are within me! I have found something within myself, something i thought was impossible....

i am truly deliriously happy!

More than i have ever in my life been! i have spent the majority of my life pushing men away, don't get too close.. i will bite! But with him, it is different! He just has that certain something, it is more than just that over powering Domliness, (huh? its telling me Domliness isn't a word... really???)

I guess i will just chalked up to that chemistry thing... Because i have no other way to define or explain it!

All i can do is soak it up, in all its beauty, all its richness and enjoy each and every moment...


  1. i know what you mean. Awesome post :) xx

  2. All it takes is one special person to turn our world around :)

  3. Omigosh, yes. How wonderful.


  4. I'm afraid we may lose you! I have enjoyed reading your blog, both as an empty and now as a full collar. How quickly he has taken you in hand! I love reading about your new dynamic and hope you will continue to post, no matter what!

  5. : ) Thank you all! I promise i will write, when i have time...besides, i think he likes the blog
    a bit himself! But Thank You ND that is very kind!

  6. Chemistry...well, you know how I feel and think about that. It's a wonderful and beautiful thing, and there is definitely nothing like it when you find that perfect connection. IT can't really be explained or put into words..it just is. I'm glad you have found the elusiveness of it. You deserve it!


  7. Thank you DV~ Yes i do know how you think and feel about the Awesomeness of Chemistry! It just is! ...