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Friday, July 15, 2011

chasing frogs...

i wake up and peek at the clock through my half opened eyes, "ah good i slept til 6 am, much later than normal!" It is going to be a good day!

I walk out to my kitchen to make my cup of coffee when out of the corner of my eye i see an image. I look up and sprawled across my kitchen ceiling, is something well.... different.

Of course i am half blind without my contacts or glasses, so i rush back to my bedroom to retrieve my glasses, then run back to the kitchen.

Hmmm nothing there!

But i am certain i saw something up there.

So i resume my coffee fetching. watching every nook and cranny closely....

But when i return for cup #2, up on the very top of my cupboard i spot the beady
little eyes staring back at me.

After realizing that the screaming i was doing was basically pointless...
some sort of sanity is slowly returning and i see it is just a frog, a silly little harmless frog!

Thoughts race through my mind, how do i get it OUT!

I considered the broom, but no, i could squish it and i wouldn't want to do that!

ohhhh i thought, maybe the fan duster, thats soft and won't hurt it, but it may only knock it off the cupboard ... then what?

hmmm Master lives 4 hours away, no i guess that is not an option!

First things first, i need a picture of this ferocious subbie eating frog!

then i grab the step ladder and a bowl and lid, and slowly so as not to scare the poor thing i climb up it. Yes i was worried about scaring him!

Now mind you since i live alone, i do sleep completely naked, and the thought of the frog seeing me in that state, well didn't really enter my mind!

So there i am climbing up the ladder at 6;30 am naked with a bowl and lid, and no sooner do i get to the top step and Mr frog decides he is not liking that particular cupboard, noooo the one on the other side of the kitchen is much more appealing! And of course the best route is the one which goes directly over my head!

Anyway, to cut to the chase after his 4 other locations, and several startled screams of fright later...i capture Mr Frog half in the bowl and half out. Of course no way to put the lid on, and he is fighting for freedom! Then the thought occurs to me, i am naked! I should have thrown at least a shirt on prior to my expedition! I can't set the bowl down to get dressed... Well maybe when my neighbors see me, outside naked, they will understand my plight!

ohhhh Lucy!

Yes, starting the day frog hunting... not much fun!


  1. That gave me quite a vision. :) It started my day off with a laugh. Thank you! :)


  2. Omg...good job Histoy! I would've been so freaked out. I know they're harmless but still :-O

  3. That's why I have cats, they take care of the critters.
    Smiles :)