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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Here in the present...

There are times i look at you, and i know, you are not here....

But i wonder where exactly is that mind

when it leaves me...

where does it wander off to?

I see the distance in your eyes

i want so bad to just reach in

and pull you back...

But i know

only you can do that

while i wait

helpless and full of need!

Wanting is not enough...

my need and your need

yes they are the same

but on the opposite ends of the spectrum...

i knew you needed to go there

to resolve old issues

and knowing you are doing just that

makes it well, not easier!

And patience and i

we are old foes...

never really walking the same path,

at the same time.

i will try to be patient

to show you

how very much this means to me

how very much i need this

i need you

to be here

really here

not just in body

but in mind and soul

as i am for you...


  1. When I read this, I can clearly feel your need come across.

    Simply lovely!

  2. My guess its that he wants to be there for you as much as you want him to be. I'm sure he would rather be focusing his energy on you than dealing with things from the past. Yet, from what you have said before, those things need to be cleared up for you two to move on. So hopefully your patience will be worthwhile and beneficial for you both in the long run.

    BTW - I love the pic and have added it to my vault of pics for FAF. :)


  3. Ah thank you Baby girl... yes it is definitely there...
    DV and his crystal ball strikes again : ) You always seem to know just whats going on, even if i don't say exactly! You are such a treasure to have as a friend! Thank you! And as for the pic, wish i knew where it came from but (shrugs)... help yourself anytime...