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Friday, July 22, 2011


He doesn't get it....

He doesn't understand why it hurts...

or even that it does hurt!

He thinks i made a mistake

by giving up on us!

I certainly did not want to give up...

I thought he was it!

The One....


But there is only room for one

and apparently he is a package deal!

He said yesterday

That he won't be back...

And that hurts....

The loss of hope!

But i can be strong

when pushed....

so i will push

and i will get through it...

And someday it will not hurt anymore!

But today it seems as if that "someday" is such a long way away...


  1. I can feel your pain through the screen. Don't rush. Your heart will heal and move on when it's ready.

    But of course, right now sucks!

  2. I am sorry you are so sad, you deserve better.
    Sending hugs to help take away some of the pain.

  3. I'm so sorry. SBF is absolutely correct--you deserve better.

    I know it hurts now, but you did the right thing by sticking to your values. You know what you need and want. Don't ever settle.

  4. I hate that it seems like he is not fighting harder for you. As great as things seemed to be for both of you, I would have thought he would have gone down with the ship trying to save it. I guess I gave him too much credit. We are all here if you need us, and I wish you the best.


  5. Thank you all!

    Time for a break!

  6. So sorry. Give your heart time to heal. Good luck in the future.