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Saturday, June 18, 2011

100 frogs later...

Anyone that has been reading my blog knows what a difficult journey finding my "Perfect Him" has been. I have run the gambit on the type of men i have encountered over the past year...

It was the impetus to writing a blog. Some of the experiences were just too strange for me to understand, and writing this blog would help me sort things out. With each one i met, there always seemed like there was just a little something amiss, and i knew settling was not possible for me...

Finding MPH was something that at times i thought was just impossible. How many times i thought "this one is close, maybe it will grow with time" but always inside that little voice would say "keep looking"... Once again more accurately defining what i thought was missing!

With time, i would become discouraged, questioning the reality of what i thought i needed in my life, maybe i was asking for too much?

And emotionally it was beyond difficult, especially with those that did feel there was "something" there, when i did not.

And then suddenly, when i first looked into his eyes, i could see "us" as a possibility...

But it was not without its fear...

Fear that it cannot possibly be real, there must be something i am not seeing, it just isn't possible that i have finally found what i have been looking for.

A few nights ago this is the message he sent....

"I wanted you to know that you sure do live in my thoughts. It seems that nearly every waking hour my thoughts are of you and what a beautiful and special
creature you are. My mind keeps going back to how you look at me some of the
time, touching my very soul at times seeing how you do feel about me. And I can
see it in your eyes most of the time, as I do hope that you can see in mine how
you are the most fascinating woman I have ever met. I really do hope that you can
be and are, the very last woman in my life. I know that if you are, I will try as
much as I can to show you every day just what you mean to me."

Yesterday at work, i received flowers, for no reason other than he wanted to show me i was in his thoughts... A completely new experience for me!

When you look back exactly a month ago in my blog, i was talking about the bully's i had encountered....

Things can change and change fast!

So my message here is this... Stay strong, yes there are far too many frogs and not nearly enough PH's out that... but you just never know when your paths will cross, when your eyes will meet, and in his eyes you will see ... the one!


  1. Now I have to go back and count how many frogs, I think I have a long way to go to hit a 100, lol !
    Don't forget you deserve everything!