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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Over his knee...

It has been far too long, but finally the girl had her long awaited Over The Knee!

What is it about OTK that is so damn erotic to me?

It must be more than just the "control" factor, or the submissiveness of the act itself.

But from the time i actually bent over his knee, the arousal started...

Maybe it is just feeling "his" touch as the skin warms up?

Maybe its the words that he is saying as my eagerly awaiting and exposed arse is wiggling on his lap?

Maybe its the sting as his hand lands ever so firmly...

Maybe its feeling the cock underneath me as it hardens with each blow...

Maybe its the rubbing, probing and inspecting along the way..

Or maybe it is all of it, all rolled up into one big ball of intensity....

Yes i do believe that is it!

When it is the right "one", when you know it is the warm up

and not just the show,

when you know it is his to do with as he wants,

then oooh that makes it all that much more "perfect"...


  1. I definitely think it is all of it rolled into one. Take one of the parts away and it wouldn't be as fulfilling. But most importantly, it's because you finally found "The One"! That makes all the difference in the world. :)


  2. Yes DV i do definitely agree, the "him" certainly does make a difference...

  3. OTK is one of my favorites. My lizard enjoys being bent over the bed even more, though, on her tummy with her legs on the floor. sometimes I like to spread her legs and tie them to the bed posts so she can barely touch the ground, then spank her good and push my finger up her cunt. And the love definitely adds the spice that gives the whole dish its flavor, no doubt abuot that!

  4. "you are going over my knee" are my favourite words in the whole world.