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Monday, June 6, 2011

In just a few days....

We spoke briefly back in the fall, but for one reason or another, we drifted. A note here or there, but no real depth to any of them... until a few days ago... then everything suddenly became a whirlwind. He came here to meet... and with that meeting, came hope and .... sizzling chemistry! Then a second meeting, yes it is real! So much so, the girl let down the walls, and in he walked...No push no shove...But there he was.. comfortably nestled deep within in her mind!

Yes the chemistry is hot

the mindset

all i have ever looked for....

The girl is doing handstands and somersaults...

the smile has not left my face...

Is it possible

that i have found him?

Everything feels "right"

that ever elusive 100%

it seems it does exist.

And although i am "trying" to keeps things "close to the heart"

it doesn't seem to be working

there is too much joy, too much excitement to keep it restrained...

it feels so damn good

running a muck within.

Tomorrow i am going there

and i will know

with no doubts....

and maybe

just maybe

it was him in my dreams

his face that i could not see

and my search

will end with him....


  1. smiles ...thank you... i am digging it too! Finally!

  2. Fingers crossed - but no matter what happens, glad you're enjoying the moment!


  3. Good luck, let us know how it goes!