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Monday, June 20, 2011

Breaking the silence....

In person, i am not a chatty type of girl.

I am much more the quiet and shy type.

I detest whiny so much, that maybe it is my way of insuring i do not become whiny.

However, it is his desire that i become more verbal.

Not in our casual conversations...

But in the heat of the moment

he wants to hear me beg...

And things being as they are....

it is my want to be as "he" wants me to be.

So begging will have to be something i learn to do.

It sounds so easy...

But it is not exactly something you can practice.

And what if i start laughing as i am doing it?

That would only make things worse...

No i am certain with him, i will not be laughing.

MPH is very much a man that knows what he likes

what he wants

And will always get just that.

One way or another....

So the girl is off to learn the art of proper begging....

And who knows

i may just find that i like it too...

and the blog...

will be sitting here...

in silence!


  1. I'm begging you to let us know how it goes, Histoy - so don't be too quiet in your blogging :)

  2. Hmmm...sounds like he is trying to turn you into a needy little sub, and make you verbalize that ache and need. I LOVE it! :)


  3. As you know I am a giggler so when I had to beg it was a challenge. So I would focus on him and what he wanted. It was easier to follow and repeat exactly what he wanted in the beginning. Then later it became more natural.
    Have fun practicing!

  4. Oh yes Dear Clive ...Fear not, i am certain i will have much more blogging material when i return....

    And correct as always DV... you know he is trying to turn me into a needy lil something... under no objections of my own : ) of course... i love it too!

  5. Oh i so hope it does become easier SBF, cuz right now, it doesn't seem like it will be... but i do agree the practicing will certainly be fun!