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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The precision of the Dance...

Since time seems to be in short supply these days i took a few hours last night to surf the many blogs i have been missing as of late... with good reason of course!

But one in particular had me thinking... sins  posting on new relationships. And since this girl is currently jumping head first into a "new" relationship, it made me think about what MPH is going through these days, or most any Dom just stepping into those "new" shoes!

Now mind you, i am speaking only of the "real" Doms and not the wannabees (those that are just out to get laid or the wolves in sheep clothing types) But the true honest Dominant Man! In most cases they too have been searching for that "one" so when they find her and as sin says "the dance begins" they are not only choosing the music, but the location, the dance steps, the lighting, the temperature and all the other details of that dance,  rest firmly on their shoulders. It is in this view that we are able to see his true worthiness and capabilities.

If he tries dancing a Rumba when the music is a Waltz, it falls back to him. After all, he picked the music!

But when the dance is in perfect unison to the music and all the details fall perfectly in place, and he knows his planning was executed with precision, and we look up at him and say "take me, fuck me, let me be that nasty little slut you so crave.." Then his burden is lifted, knowing his preparations and all the planning of the little details, has shown her he is worthy, he is capable of being the Man she calls Master.

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