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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The not so comfortable zone...

Lately i have been asking myself, where exactly is "my" comfort zone.

I know it is imperative for me to be pushed, to find where the comfort zone ends and the "un" comfortable zone begins.

It is not as exact as drawing a line in the sand and saying i will stay over here. It is finding that place where you know nothing bad can happen. Feeling safe is just one of those things that i need. Where that line is, depends completely on the level of trust.

Trust is never something you can force...it evolves! There is no timetable, no predictability factor, it builds with time. It is never easy, at least not with me.
Maybe it is due to the "let downs" i have experienced in my life, i honestly do not know. I know i have become hardened. At times there are questions nagging at me, things i need to know prior to moving forward, a roadblock so to speak. I can not just "let go" of those questions, of those feelings that just maybe, i am not safe.

Those nagging questions need answers, complete and honest answers! Without those answers my only option is to step back, to go into a "protective" mode.

So now, unfortunately, i have hit a roadblock. I have found that uncomfortable zone, and I am stepping back!


  1. You tagged this "trust." Made me think about how trust isn't just about trusting "him," it's also about trusting yourself to know what you need, or to figure it out.



  2. Stepping back is just right. Stretching boundaries and testing zones must be a slow and controlled process Histoy. And it will be respected. More hugs

  3. SBF .. thank you my friend...

    Aisha ...as always you are right, we do need to trust in ourselves, in what we feel inside...
    more to come on this subject..

    Ah Clive... absolutely! It was funny as i was posting todays blog, just as i was hitting publish, your comment came... great minds...