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Thursday, June 23, 2011

On being a babbling brook...

After a few wonderful days with MPH, the chemistry is still there and very Hot!

The initial "intensity" is always a question, can it sustain, is it real...

That question was answered with a resounding Yes!

The spark has not faded in the least, and in getting to know each other,

I realize he is not a one act show,

each time we are together,

i see more of who he truly is inside

and in this view,

i feel safe, i feel wanted, i feel owned.

And although i will not be adding begging to my repertoire any time too soon,

he was wonderfully forgiving (for about 12 seconds) when i started the giggling...

of course he quickly cut the giggling short,

owww.... ok no more giggling...

But the effort was appreciated, and the promise made that i will indeed

seriously (um... without the giggles) work on it!

To actually say what it is i really and truly want,

seems to be such a difficult task for me.

He really isn't after rehearsed and contrived,

He wants it to come naturally,

the babbling brook...

but its like a road block somewhere in between my mind and my voice,

what i want at the time is clearly in my mind,

but voicing it, actually saying the words

seems to be just too difficult

at that particular time...

But whatever the case, what ever the cause,

the man holds my heart,

gripping it tight in his hands, as he tenderly caresses it.

And the girl,

she just loves the way he is holding it,

protecting it,

caring for it,

and making it dance...


  1. Awww "Making it dance" - what a lovely expression. :)

  2. Write everything down that you want to say. It will make it much easier to actually say it.

  3. O, sweet, that's so sweet.

    I refuse to be jealous, but o, my. Yeah, i want that too. And i'm so happy for you.


  4. Ah Clive, thank you....

    ND ~ Doing that would make it seem rehearsed, his intention is that it flows naturally, which i think in time it will....

    And yes Aisha, there were times i thought i was being too picky, too selective, i questioned whether the reason i had not found him was my own undoing... but now, i understand! Never settle, Never give up, listen to your gut... I have no regrets...It really can be perfect!
    hang in there my friend and believe ....

  5. I'm happy for you both!
    I know just what you mean about finding the words on the spot.
    I always have trouble with that.. it is only after a year (!!) that I actually am able to find them at the appropriate time.
    I could always find them but hardly ever when I was asked.
    Good luck, I'm sure you'll do better~~
    enjoy your happiness!

  6. Thank you nancy... you give me hope : )