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Friday, June 10, 2011

Test Drive part 2

In a lifestyle built around honesty, the importance of opening oneself up, letting someone in, giving them a view to the true soul inside, can never be down played.

He sat there in the chair, fully clothed, while i was naked at his feet. Most men,
would be not be spending this time talking, opening their soul... But he did.
Telling me of some of the experiences in his life that have shaped him, not things easily spoken of. At times bringing me to laughter, and other times, not so much.
He would stop intermittently to insure i was comfortable, or maybe to kiss me, or run his hand through my hair.

There was no "rushed" feeling, just an easiness. And as i looked up at him, i felt a sense of his need. His needs are not based solely on his cock, it goes much deeper than that. He refers to it as his "Jimmy". The person who through thick and thin, has his back. A concept i too understand.

As he spoke of his life, i felt such a sense of closeness to him. This beautiful Man before me, was not just offering me his Cock, but his heart as well. On this test drive, he was showing me his engine, teaching me how it runs, walking me through the owners manual.

I felt honored! He is not your "typical" Dominant. He makes no demands... "you must call me Sir or Master", no that is not his style. He is very much his own Man. His concerns are not in what "others" think or say... yet his concern about what i thought, or what i felt were very apparent. He needed me to know him, to feel safe, to trust that his intentions were sincere. To know he is not viewing this as a "fix" for today...

And as i listened to him, i felt drawn to him, drawn to his heart, his mind and yes to his cock, that need of his, that so touched that need of mine...

So this Master of mine has left me with a dilemma. My blog... The Empty Collar!
Just what do i do? I guess a revamping of sorts is in order! Yes a problem i welcome with open arms....


  1. No longer empty, and not yet collared. Yes, I agree a new name is in order. And that is a wonderful thing. I'm so glad for you and hope we won't have to forego reading your blog altogether. I hope your new Dom will allow you to continue with it.

  2. Yes I agree a change is needed. New name, new colors a new life.

    Happy Happy Happy!!

  3. Thank you ND~ Yes, i think he rather enjoys reading it himself!

    Awe TY SBF.... hugs