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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

His toy....

Finding what works for me, what fits into my ideal of what i want in my life, has been a journey of pain and often exasperation for me.  There have been times when i have spoke with someone and said yes this "may" work, but with time, realized that was not the case. Just "something" did not fit!

Then it would be a return to the drawing board, questioning if i will ever find "Him"....

Finding the one who fits, A Dominant man who possesses a twisted sense of wanton deviant lust, blended with a touch of laughter and control, and then throw in a few sprinkles of the real life,  and there you have my perfect him!

Yes the subject of my search... "My Perfect Him", the one that fits...

My Perfect Him, MPH,  has just left, heading home.... back to his real world!

But not without leaving his toy sitting on the edge of perfection...

When i am with him, there is no outside world, no other place exist except the one right here, right now with him, no concerns of tomorrow or yesterday, it is our place, our time, right now, right here!

In his presence.... it fits, perfectly!

Each time i have been with him, it has felt that "easy"! So easy it scares me! Nothing can really feel so good, so perfect can it? There must be something wrong some where that i am just not seeing... and just then.... a rush of his scent breezes by, or i hear the serenade of his words in my mind, or feel the pain of his use on my body.....

And i am reminded...

It is real, and yes it is just that easy ... just that perfect.

Inside, this lil girl is reduced to one big ball of mush, feeling oh so cared for, oh so owned, and just so damn happy and satisfied....

With all the trials and tribulations life has shown me, i have found the one spot where life is perfect, where everything just "fits", where i can relish in being a toy, his toy....


  1. Happy for you!
    You deserve everything you ever wanted in a man.
    Hugs of happiness.

  2. This brought me to teary eyes of joy. Beautifully written. I'm smiling for you

  3. ohh ty you both!!! Now i understand where the saying "as happy as a bug in a rug" came from.... because thats just how i feel, all wrapped up, full of warm fuzzies, feeling like all is perfect in the world!

  4. oops i guess that is supposed to be "snug" as a bug... but snug or happy i guess you get the message.... lol

  5. It's great to see you feel happy and satisfied. :)

  6. I feel this way when I'm with my Dom too, but we can never be together in a 24/7 situation because we are both married. I worry about how this will make me feel over time. Our relationship is new (less than a month), but I do not want to give up the comfort and safety I feel when I am with him. I'm willing to risk the potential pain down the road to experience the safety and happiness I have now.

  7. Anonymous~ I say go for it! It really doesn't come along often, and it is not easily found! That feeling of "all perfect in the world", and it may not last but to know it, to experience it... there is nothing better! And yes chances are there will at some point come pain, maybe the greatest pain you have ever felt, only you can determine the price! Good luck...