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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Test Drive...

So the plan was made... i would go there and spend 24 hours as his, just to see what life with him would be like. I was free to leave at anytime... If at the end of the time there, we both agreed we would move forward.... Or not!

And as you all know from my last post... the girl was definitely "smitten"... driving there with hopes and anticipation.... Talking with him most of the way, feeling really good about everything.....

And now the details..... (well some of them at least... the basics)

First thing he does, is puts a collar on me... just as a reminder, oops maybe it was the second, i think he had me get undressed first and stand there completely naked, as he looked me up and down smiling that devious smile of his...
then i think was the collar... ya know my mind was moving in a million different directions and well i wasn't actually taking notes, so i may not have everything in proper order...

but after that we sat and talked for what seemed like an hour maybe more... he told me a lot about who he is as a Man... giving me that glimpse into the Man before me... and i loved it.... He is a bit of a former bad boy in his youth, but one with a tremendous amount of strength and determination, he has over come a lot of roadblocks, qualities i so admire and respect...

This man who tells me he is not really a Sadist... yes is indeed a Sadist, but ... he is not what i would say is a typical Sadist.. he is a very sensuous Sadist.
Just a man and his toy... and play with his toy he did! For hours upon hours... Carefully noticing my reactions, always insuring i was feeling safe. Stopping only to feed his toy.. which he did rather nicely, placing the food in her mouth piece by piece, showering his toy, drying her off, making her laugh, making her scream, growl and purr, but through out... his care, his concern always at the fore front.

And in the morning, when i woke up in his arms, i knew this is exactly the place i needed to be, with the Man i needed to belong to... i just knew it! No questions, no qualms...

We are two very similar souls, seeking the same things in life...With him i felt safe, i felt cared for, i felt adored and i felt owned...


  1. O, that's so lovely. I'm so glad you had this wonderful time with "Him."



  2. so lovely..all the best to you and He.

  3. ARGH!!! I guess you're off the market now too! And just when I was about to pack up and move to Florida just for you. Oh well! ;)

    Congrats! I'm glad it is going so well for you. When I opened this post I knew something was up...you wrote in actual paragraphs instead of your usual style. LOL! I'm glad it is a good sign and not a bad one. You have waited and searched, and now it appears it was worth all the time and effort. I'm very happy for you! Cheers!


  4. Whooopppeeeee :)

  5. Happiness is oozing in your post and I like your new style of writing! :)

  6. ohhh thank you everyone.... yes i am as happy as ... well i could ever hope to be...

    Not a new writing style.. just very pressed for time....more to come i promise...