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Friday, May 27, 2011

and the message?

Dreams can be so totally strange...

but what is difficult

is trying to comprehend

the meaning...

When we look at the things that appear to us

in our deep deep sleep

Is there a message?

the dream was this...

i woke up and he was standing over me,

a figure of a man...

all i could see were eyes

no mouth

no face

just eyes

and i felt fear...

then he pushed me over onto my stomach

but i didn't fight it

he had one hand over my mouth

and the other hand

held my hands tightly behind my back

as he straddled on top of me.

and all i remember

is him pulling my head back

with his hand that was over my mouth

and he was stretching my neck, my throat

and i couldn't breath...

and still i did not struggle

and when i woke

the fear i felt

was still within me...

i laid there for hours

waiting for the calm to return

contemplating what the message could be.

Even now, hours later

that fear...

is still present...

And the message?

i have not a clue...


  1. Dreams are something else aren't they? I think sometimes the message is just too complicated for words. Simply allowing ourselves to feel that feeling when we wake up like you did, to make note of it, I think that's all there is to do. The ones that leave a scared feeling are intense. Then sometimes those nice ones come and wake us up to feel at one, at peace, etc. Wishing you one of them soon

  2. thank you K ~

    A friend has suggested my lack of sex.. good sex.. is choking me and i think he may have a point there : )
    But those other kind of dreams... yes they can fill us with an intense joy to last and last...