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Sunday, May 1, 2011

sways and sighs

Yes the munch went on as scheduled...

But No, the girl did not play.

She really didn't feel the need to.

Her mindset is at a great place these last few days...

and if it is not broke....

But it was nice to go.

To see the floggers flailing,

and the arses swaying,

to hear the crack of the whips,

and the submissive sighs of pleasure and pain.

But for me, it simply reinforced the notion that i cannot just play to play.

i need that connection, that power "exchange" and not on a momentary basis.

So yes i may be different....

But that is okay.

i am not lost and wandering...

At least not these days.

These days i am talking, only talking with one who does help me focus.

A mix of needs and wants and a few laughs sprinkled in for good measure.

And for me, it is the perfect mix...


  1. Glad dot hear your mind is in a good place. I'm with you...I prefer not to play just to play. I want it to mean more, and be with someone I am involved with. At least you went and had a good time. That's never a bad thing.


  2. Good on you, Histoy - settled on what you seek with a firm direction in mind. Bound to get you there soon xxx

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time. Just watching can be quite satisfying too.

  4. The laughs are essential!

  5. You are all so perfectly right! Thank you~