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Thursday, May 12, 2011

On Needs...

I had a  nice conversation yesterday about needs.

His position was that needs are absolute, one cannot exist without, like water or air,

that too many say they "need" this lifestyle,

when they really don't need, but want.

And that too often, needs and wants get convoluted.

i understand his point but i cannot say i agree.

For me to say i need this lifestyle...

Well certainly i would not die without it...

Not in the physical sense, but in the mental sense ... yes!

When the alternative is to live life unhappy, unsatisfied...

Then it becomes a need in either book.

There is a wonderful website for submissive s that offers some great insight

into the differences between needs and wants.

Luna K's

For the most part,  i am aware of my needs and of my wants.

As well as the differences between them.

i need trust, i need to feel safe and protected, and i need to love and feel loved.

i want to feel playful and carefree, i want to be used, to be fucked, to be spanked.

And yes those wants could easily be needs.

But those needs are certainly not wants.

For me ....

my needs are clear and defined, unwavering and uncompromising...

very much like water or air...


  1. Very well said. For a long time I knew I wanted something but I didn't know what. Now that I have found it, I need it to survive mentally.

  2. Wants and needs...wants and needs! This is such a gray area that can be argued for days. Kind of like politics and religion. Everyone has their view and opinion. The fact of the matter is, that wants and needs differ for everyone. A want for me, may be a need for you, and vice versa. The main thing for each individual is to define your own wants and needs, and then stick by them. We each have our own list, and no one else list is wrong because it differs from yours. It is just different. So, stand y your list and your views...it is who you are!