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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An exciting day....

Most of my friends are of course oblivious to my lifestyle choice.

They are aware that i am seeking a Man...

But they do not know the type of Man i seek...

So when i am traveling somewhere to meet someone...

They think it odd.

I would disclose to them the details,

if i thought for one minute they could understand it.

But to "explain" this lifestyle to a Vanilla...

Is an extremely difficult task.

I have tried through the years...

But never with any success.

So the friends we make within the lifestyle

are typically true friends.

They know a side of us our Vanilla friends will never really grasp.

They are aware of our trials and tribulations,

and typically have been there as well.

Today, i am meeting a friend ...

A "fellow blogger" that i have become quite acquainted with over the past several months.

She has been my sounding board, and i hers...

Her friendship is non judgmental...

And one i have become quite appreciative of.

And yes i am also meeting some one else today....

But for that meeting,

i am keeping my emotions closely guarded...

So yes i am excited for the day...


  1. Yes and I am so excited to meet my friend!!

  2. Wonderful! Enjoy your meetings with friends..a chance to be yourself. I envy you that.

  3. Yay! Have a great time together :)

    - kytten

  4. Aww this picture is so cute. Also have fun meeting with your friend. Sounds like it'll be worth it!

  5. O, how cool! Enjoy you meeting! aisha