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Saturday, May 28, 2011

the perfection of defects...

There are as many types of Dominant Men as there are days in a year.

What separates one from another?

Is it simply that desire to take control?

No they all want that...

But there are those that are patient and respectful

there are those that are tolerant and unbiased

there are those that are human

and befittingly so...

That do not make "demands" at least not

prior to having the authority to do so.

There are those who feel the value in

being simply who he is...

Their desire is not to push you down

but rather to lift you up...

when i feel their need to debase

i first consider the reason.

Are they attempting to show their superiority

if so....

it means they have lessons in life.

Perfection would not interest me

i need to know they too place values on flaws.

With no defects

there is no growth...

for those that are lord master almighty

i am not the one for you...

i have many (too many) defects for you.

i want to be by your side

and not under your foot...

it is for me ...

a much more peaceful place to be.


  1. Nice picture and I love by your side not under your foot!!
    Well done.

  2. Finding the right balance is so very important in D/s... It is so very different from the vanilla world.... Thank you both....

  3. Very well said, I have said that very thing before myself...I want someone by my side...a partner in TTWD. No one is above or below the other, or any less or more than the other. It takes what you both have to offer to make the entire dynamic work and come together.


  4. Well said - I share those thoughts. Thanks. aisha