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Monday, May 9, 2011

The price... (fiction and fantasy)

If only she hadn't made that one mistake, that one minute of stolen pleasure. But she had, she knew when she did it, there would be a price to pay for her indiscretion. There was no going back. He had made a point of telling her several times this week that Friday would be the day she would pay for her mistake. And now here she was, waking up on Friday morning. The thoughts of what the day would bring, filling her mind. He would not be too cruel, would he?

It was just one innocent moment of pleasure stolen! She knew that orgasm did not belong to her, it was his. He had made that perfectly clear in the beginning. She was never to cum without his permission.

In her mind she could hear him saying "that is my pussy and i decide what it needs". Rules are rules, and with him, there are never to be any deviations in those rules.

Throughout the day at work her mind would wander, what was he planning. It became nearly impossible for her to focus on anything else. The entire time she was filled with anticipation, and the day dragged by. Each time she would look at the clock it seemed to be going at half speed. Finally the day was over, the week end was here it was time to go home and face the music.

As she walked up to the door, the thought occurred to her, maybe she could call and just say she wasn't feeling well. Maybe he would take heart and be gentle with her. No, that would not be the "right" thing to do. She made the mistake, she knew she needed to take her punishment like a big girl. She needed to make it right.

As she walked in the door, she caught glimpses of the bedroom, the flogger, the nasty crop, the cane, the paddle, the tawse, oh how she hated that one, all neatly laid out. As she looked in his eyes she saw the smile. He enjoyed seeing her nervous, he fed on it.

She did as he instructed, she undressed, she put on the collar, the cuffs, and then the blindfold, purposely leaving one little area of the blindfold a bit too far over so she could see a tiny little space. Of course this did not go unnoticed by him, he quickly corrected that, giving her a nice firm slap on the ass for her attempted oversight. Then he led her down the hall. She walked slowly knowing the pain that was about to befall her.

He laid her on the bed, face down and attached the wrist cuffs to the hooks he had so strategically placed. Then he ordered her "ass in the air i need a clear shot" and proceeded to attach the ankle cuffs. She complied, waiting for the first blow, anticipating it. She knew her pussy was soaked, it had been all day, but even more so now.

She listened, maybe she could tell which "implement" he was going to use first. But no, she hears nothing, she is not even sure he is still there. What is he doing? Is he just standing there watching her drip? Or did he leave? Go some where else, leaving her in this completely exposed position? What if there is a fire? What if she has to go to the bathroom? What if he is there watching, but not alone? All the different scenarios playing through her mind. In what seemed like hours, but in reality were just a mere few minutes, she heard his breaths, she felt him near. Her mind relaxed, and at that moment.....

Ah yes the Mind Fuck... so damn powerful.... i do love it so...

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