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Monday, May 23, 2011

On closet clearing...

well i know your waiting for the details

of the nilla date....

well ....

it didn't happen.

No... i cancelled...

clingy is fine

as long as it is me clinging...

But otherwise

i don't like clingy...

and apparently

he doesn't like women

that don't like clingy...

because when i told him he was too clingy

he was upset.

He told me i was confusing romantic

for clingy...

but when someone clears a closet in their home for you

after only one short meeting

that's clingy merging with stalker...

So i will stick with my far away


and only hope maybe

there will be some closet clearing

there instead.


  1. Smart girl, always listen to your instincts.

  2. He cleared a closet for you??????


    Yes, I would run too. Red flags are red for a reason.