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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My CM rant....

One of the many typical conversations on CM:

His message: Lovely Legs

my response: Thank you

His message: what are you seeking here?

I'll be back in 2 hours

my response: Well hopefully you are not asking me to write for 2 hours : )

What i am seeking.... I am seeking a capable and worthy
Dominant Man who is aware of his needs, and is fully

capable of putting forth the effort to insure his needs are met,
and in doing so, meet the needs that i possess...
i guess that is it in a nutshell!

His message: mmmm sounds delic, do you enjoy being tied up?

This is my issue, first and foremost i have a profile.

And on that profile i clearly state what i am seeking.

So that leaves two scenarios:

1. He didn't read my profile


2. He is not clear on what that profile says.

My guess is number one.

And next, his response to what i am seeking....

Did he even read that?


It can be so very frustrating.

I do say i want someone intelligent on my profile,

but then if they don't read it, they wouldn't know that.

Now multiply that by 25,

because that is how many messages i got yesterday.

Granted they were not all quite that bad,

and many i did not take the time to respond back,

because typically they are overseas,

or worse have not written anything in their profile.

So why is it so difficult to stay sane, to stay centered,

to meet the "one"....

I guess that explains it....


  1. I write in my profile to stimulate me with your conversation so I will feel a connection and they write "Hi". Really thats what have to say, nothing else, lol!
    I feel your pain my friend.

  2. Oh Histoy, I rarely visit CM now for that very reason The shallow predatory one liners from folk that clearly have never seen your profile. Keep sane, keep looking, keep smiling :)

  3. so true...so little real conversation...

  4. It's so so true and it's almost laughable. But here's the view from the other side of the fence. When I was on sites likes this, because of all the mails you women receive, and the crap within them, it is hard for someone who writes a decent email to even get noticed. You become the needle in the haystack. When you receive so many emails a day, having one stick out and be read or noticed is a crap shoot, at least from my side of the fence. So, while it is frustrating for you subs, it can be just as frustrating for a sincere and real Dom.


  5. Yes DV i can understand the "other" side as well. i am certain there as many submissive wannabees as Dominant ones, players on both sides of the fence. (and i would imagine many of those submissives are actually not really even women) But in sorting the chaff from the crème, it seems a bit of effort ... would certainly go a long way, at least in my book!

  6. I agree so much with you, Histoy! There is a huge wasteland of men out there on CM who don't have a clue.
    On the hopeful side, in the last three years I've met two really wonderful and very dominant men there who knew what they wanted and who actually read my profile!
    Thankfully one of them has engaged my attention for the last year.
    Yes, I know I'm lucky!

    It is interesting to see the other side of the fence.. thank you DV.