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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A crazy few days to say the least.

And through all the craziness,

all the bumps in the road,

i am reminded once again

of how very much i detest being

a Masterless submissive...

There are times when friends and family

just cannot fill the void that HE can.

And as tough and strong as i think i am,

certain things come up to just slap me back to reality

i am not so tough.....

i am not "that" strong...

that i can just go through life "handling" everything

all the time

with ease and control...

i miss having that "Master" so very much

and although he didn't always have the answers

or the quick remedies

i always knew

he was always there...

And that i was not alone...

i so miss that...


  1. All I got is hugs, and I hope things look up soon.

  2. Hugs from K too..

  3. Hugs to you my friend!!
    Keep going with the belief that things will turn around and get better. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get your prince. He's out there looking for you.

  4. Big Clive Hugs on their way now. And hoping you are found soon. xxx