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Thursday, May 26, 2011

On being Friends....

There was a comment yesterday

about meeting new "friends"...

And i wanted to say something there

but figured

if i did

it would turn into another blog....

So here is the "other" blog.

I have tried when meeting some of these men

to maintain a friendship.

But it doesn't work...

Especially when they read my blog,

And understand where things went wrong...

or didn't understand anything.

They think i am being unfair to them

they do not understand those things which i hold as integral...

They think things like a kiss

are just not that important.

I mean these are Dominant men,

and confidence is a trait i am most attracted to.

So i do tend to take things at a slower pace

than they would prefer.

i hold back a great deal

and put on my "tough" hat

"no you cannot control me"

before the face to face.

Every once in a while

one sneaks through the cracks

and i give up just a little.

But what kind of Dominant

would he be

if he didn't push for more.

And sometimes we don't even make it

to the face to face.

Because they do not understand

why i hold back.

And there are some who still


there was something there,

when truly there was not.

i know what "it" feels like

to find the one....

And yes you do know it

with no doubts...

You feel it with every inch of your being...

And when i do "feel" it...

The face to face will be the beginning

and not the end.


  1. Very well said. I think the ones that don't understand and aren't willing to take the necessary time and energy to work into things are the ones to be wary of. A real Dom, or one you are interested in and is interested in you, will be willing to go at a comfortable pace that fits you both. He won't be trying to push what isn't there. As you well know, the ones that don't understand and get upset about your view and opinion are ones you don't want to be with anyway. And it is that very action that solidifies your view of them.


  2. DV put it very well. The ones who get upset aren't for you.


  3. It amazes me how two people can have such different reactions to a meeting. I always believed attractions were mutual. I guess we're not magnets.

  4. I have that tough hat in my collection and the good ones know how to be patient and slowly take it off...layer by layer exposing us.

  5. I am going through that right now, resonated completely with me.

    I have to believe that it will eventually pan out... but it's frustrating...

  6. Its funny... if this search were for perhaps a vanilla partner, the results, the expectations would be so very different... but it is not! it brings the expectations, the need to "feel" everything so perfectly in tune, to a completely different level, and ND maybe that is where your frustration in understanding the concepts lie...
    But thank you for the thought provoking statements.