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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

with abandon...

Feeling Control...

Craving Control....

They do tend to go hand in hand.

The more i feel it, the more i crave it.

Chocolate for the soul.

Yes i am a control freak....

haha but not the one in control.

i want nothing to do with that.

i want to feel the control, the focus...

It is the drug.

But not one administered lightly.

i do fight it

the walls stand strong

until suddenly without notice...

they start to cave.

And i stand there

naked and needing.

But oh so very content...

Surreal and serene, it is a world like no other.

It is a release, a freedom,

a lightness of being...

Letting go...

No worries, no stress

But so alive

and so at peace...


  1. LOL - never thought of it as 'Chocolate for the soul" before :) Sweet surrender indeed

  2. Very good description of your feelings. I love that video. "Handcuffs", so delicious.

  3. ah Thank you! i was beginning to worry no one noticed the video... i thought it was very appropriate for the message >smiles<