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Friday, April 29, 2011

adjusting the sails...

It is so delightful to peruse through the many blogs on D/s and feel the many different perspective defined throughout each.

Some of those touch me each and every time i read their words, they just have a way to reach inside and hold my heart.

And often with those words, i am taken away into another place.

They have a way of instilling a peacefulness inside, of helping me to re focus on what it is that i need in my life, of helping me to calm the fears of the unknowing of what hopefully may lay ahead for me someday.

And i find hope, i find serenity and even a sense of simplicity.

Through their words i see the other side, the freedom, the beauty, the completeness that they have found in their lives.

With that, i once again, find clarity.

I know my needs...

And although there are times they become distorted, or oblique, i trudge through, i refine that vision, i adjust the course and eventually i find my way back.

And now....

my sails are set, the course defined....

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  1. Wishing you a fair wind Histoy xxx