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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On his Path...

To set goals for oneself, clarity of that goal in all aspects, is essential.

I have for the past few years had a goal. I see clearly the purpose.

But the path of getting to that point, has caused me to put my life in to a type of "holding" pattern.

The unknown portion of that path, causes a type of stagnation. Not in the mental sense at all, this blog assures that will not happen.

But in the basics. The everyday "living" part. Not knowing where the path may lead me, keeps the desire to "change" anything in the basics, at a minimal.

My focus is not on the day to day basics, but rather in the destination.

Until the path is found, until i place that foot on that path, the goal remains the destination.

The path is one which i have no control other than to decide which path i will place my foot on and when i let go. Always cognizant of the destination, the goal.

I do not wish to see the path with all clarity, as He says, that would be too "safe", the ride too predictable, and that is not at all what "inspires" this girl.

But the destination, yes that needs to be clear and concise.

Reaching within to find the trust, to place that foot on that path, his path, to place the destination into his hands, our destination, that is the challenge, the purpose, and the beauty in its entirety.


  1. Very poetic expression of your submission. The goal, to me, is like a placebo. It is there but it is only there to get you to step onto the path. Whether you ever arrive or not doesn't matter, what matters is what you do while you are traveling there.