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Friday, April 22, 2011

today... i step back...


i told him....

the square peg in the round hole syndrome was not working for me!

There was no kiss with our meeting.

And after we said good bye,

i sent him a message...

"why no kiss?"

His answer was

"kisses come with time".

But i disagree,

and he dislikes that about me

that i voice my thoughts....

and that is the square peg!


  1. It is things like this that you need to know, find out and discover on the front end of a relationship...not later on. What you mention is a fundamental difference between he and me. I like, prefer, and can even require your thoughts views and opinions.

    It is only through this exchange of ideas and thoughts that you can really get to know each other. There is a big difference in stating your thoughts and having a discussion about them, versus being disrespectful. Maybe his view is that you shouldn't disagree or question him. For me personally, I would much rather you disagree (in a nice way of course) and us be able to have an open discussion. That is how we learn each other, become closer, and learn to have great open communication with each other. It's not demeaning or questioning his position or authority. It's a difference in view and questioning to better understand. And that to me is what enables you to grow together. This isn't a dictatorship...it's a partnership. It just happens to have a power exchange dynamic.

    That is my views anyway, and how I like to go about things. If you have read my blog lately, you know this all too well. I guess this shows just how different every person and every Dom can be. We all have our own ways we like to do and approach things.


  2. I'm with you on this one

    no kiss?

    the kiss is where we first meet and become one
    when our breath mingles

    the first place when we are no longer separate
    where we enter each other

    the kiss tells you all

    you're right sis

    you're right


  3. Thank you DV, and i really did not feel it to be a even close to a dictatorship, that is not it at all, or we would never have moved that far in the first place. There was some hot chemistry finally, but then some of the other things were just not jiving, like the kiss... Just differing views, wants and needs. He will be excellent for some one, some where, just not me.

    And sfp ~ Thank you!