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Sunday, April 10, 2011

letting the light in....

It has been months since this girl has felt control.

Of course the conversations of late have been stand offish, protected.

Well most of them anyway.

Every once in a while she opens the window just enough to let a little light in, just to see if he grabs it, takes what he wants.

It is a view to him as much as her.

If he is the shy type, the one who needs it "written in stone" before he sees it, he is not the right one.

If he sees it, but is hesitant to grab it, he is not the right one.

But oh when he sees it and he pushes it, yes this one gets her attention.

This is the man worthy, the man capable of holding her mind.

And the dance begins.

Her mind begins to swirl with devious thoughts, and with those thoughts her body reacts.

The needs are ever present, but the wants, the desires build.

The window opens slightly more...

His strength keeps it there, pushing it open more, an invisible prop.

One not seen, simply felt.

Her hands are bound, she can do nothing.

But her heart, her mind they are dancing wildly to the music he is playing.

And in that dance she feels joy, she feels safe, she feels free.

What a great place to be...


  1. Great description of how you feel when you experiance dominance.

    Thank you