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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

on pride....

Humility or being humbled initiates feelings that i, as a submissive woman, know well.

To diminish the facade i tend to hide behind.

It is throwing the curtain to the side, and penetrating the true soul within.

But it is not easy, i hang on tight.

Can i really open it up, bare it for the world to see?

The awareness that once you do, it is no longer hidden. It no longer belongs to you.

It is out there and there is no taking it back.

When i speak of strength, this is the core.

It is standing naked, showing the world the imperfections, allowing their judgement to override my own.

To announce "i love being his slut, his whore, to suck his Cock and bath in his cum, to offer myself in any way he desires" takes an uncommon courage, not easily found within.

But the freedom felt in the calm of the storm is one of accepted bliss. I am as i am, and for him that is all he wants, all he needs.

I have no need to be anything else, to anyone else, but him.

And for that i am indeed proud...


  1. You continue to describe your submissive feelings very well the way you talked about the freedom being felt in the calm of the storm is one of accepted bliss.

    I can understand why you feel proud. You were so eloquent in your description.