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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tick Tock.....

I am approaching a full year on that dreadful site Collar me.

I imagine i have over that year, spoke with a few hundred men.

All very different in their "vision" of what they seek.

And for me, things have become more defined, based on my conversations, the feelings instilled in those conversations, and the realization of the meaning behind those feelings.

Viewing this life under a microscope, adjusting this, tweaking that.

The basic foundation remains unchanged.


For me, that is the cornerstone.

Everything revolves around that.

Can he handle it, is he capable, am i safe in doing so...

Those questions and answers always swirling through my mind.

Never an easy task.

They require time to look deep, and more importantly, patience to insure the answers are correct.

Time i feel i have, but patience....


  1. Good luck on finding the person to give you the control that you want.

    At least you are conducting a thorough search, which increases your odds of finding the one who is right for you.


  2. You are moving in the right direction, I believe. Patience does not grow on trees, and even if it did, it would take forever to ripen!