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Friday, April 15, 2011

That Thing...

"Come out and play lil girl"

"No i don't want to"

"Oh silly lil girl, you do want to"

"but it is scary out there"

Sometimes it can feel frightening, that thing we call control.

Especially in the beginning.

The uncertainty, can be intimidating.

But it can also be thrilling, exciting.

Your blood racing with the commands.

Your need to see that smile or hear the words "good girl" becomes imperative.

You strive for perfection in each task.

Not always certain as to why the task is assigned, but knowing there is a reason, an end result.

It is simply a test, a push.

To feel that occasional push reminds you of the path, the path that he creates.

It reminds you...

ever so sweetly,

you are not walking this path alone.

1 comment:

  1. little one, you know you wish to play. your coy grin and downward eyes are a dead give away.

    The insight you offer and share assures Me you will never walk this path alone.

    And you are correct, there is always a reason for tasks.