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Monday, April 25, 2011

On growing up...

I was just asked the age old question...

"what do you want to be when you grow up?"

My answer is really simple for anyone that knows me...

I don't want to grow up....

Growing up is not so much fun.

I do not have Big Shoulders.

And there are times...

the weight that is placed on them,

is too much.

I always manage....

not from want, but from need.

But its life...

It is the good with the bad and everything in between.

But oh god,

to just run around in the field and chase butterflies all day....

Wouldn't that be heaven!


  1. I am with you...the yellow butterflies I used to catch when I was a kid. That's the stuff I only dream about now.

  2. Yea, as soon as I belatedly realized that I was an adult, I most definitely did not want to grow up. Ironically, at that point it was too late lol.

  3. But Dreams can never hurt....

  4. napa valley

    this valley of grapes
    cultivated by twisted minds
    using multisylabbic chemical infusions

    red, white, pink
    all transformed eventually to green,
    then converted to symbolic accretions--

    Sing the praise of Mercedes Benz!
    A four bedroom house crammed
    with passing whimsy’s indiscretion,

    but the first wines accidentally
    created by shepherds,
    carrying grapes in a basket

    now every step measured,
    nature turned into a series
    of carefully controlled processes

    and so when we wake up
    do we begin to measure
    all of life’s intimate details

    rather than lay in a wet bed
    of mustard grass,
    throw off the watch,
    watching the gentle edges
    of the breeze,
    Apollo’s charge or
    fiery hydrogen furnace
    the suns till passes either way,
    as do we

  5. I often think to my self the reason why I decided to become a teacher is so that I would never have t grow up :)

  6. ec--I thought my poem captured at least one sentiment in your post--that sometimes the world seems like a burdensome place. It is the responsibility of each of us to throw off the watch, lay in the grass and simply celebrate life!