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Saturday, April 23, 2011

the Hard Knocks...

Every experience, good or bad, contains within it a lesson.

"Tell me what your vision of 24/7 would be?"

To me, this is an important question, and if properly answered, could have saved us both some anguish.

But it did not get answered, until later, until after the meeting.

And when it was finally answered, it did not sit well with me.

It showed me his vision, was not my vision.

My vision is simple, so very simple...

Dauntless Vitality said it wonderfully (Yes he always does) in his post last Sunday:

"it is about mutual trust and respect. It has an element of one being in control and the other submitting to that control. Yet, at the same time it is about mutual love, admiration and adoration."

That is my vision! It seems so simple... Almost too simple...

So one of my lessons is this:

If the question is too difficult to answer...

than i am too difficult to handle...

Unless of course he reads this blog first,

And "opts" to hide his true motivations.

Then i am just screwed...

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for the reference. I'm glad you could find what I wrote so moving. I think it is that simple, and yet it's not. The basis is the straight forward and simple. The execution has many many parts and can be complicated. I think you said it best with:
    "If the question is too difficult to answer...
    than i am too difficult to handle..."
    You are exactly right!