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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Calm intensity....

Things are shifting, slowly, but the pace is delightful.

To feel things moving away from me, further from my control, feels nice.

Not at an unrealistic speed where you know you may fall because it is moving too fast.

But one where it feels safe, it feels comfortable, it fits.

Its soothing, smooth and undisturbed...

The impossible feels possible.

No pretense, it is all very genuine, but on a clearly elevated level.

I am not hiding, i am not standing my ground, i am not digging my heels in.

The ropes i have placed on myself, on my thoughts, my feelings, they are unraveling.

That tightness, replaced by an easy, comfortable peacefulness.

He is removing the blindfold...

Safely tucking it away.

He is not pushing, he is pulling...

And my heart is following...


  1. oh this sounds encouraging..all the best!

  2. Thank you lulu ~ As a good friend has advised, baby steps have to start some where...

  3. Nice to hear the ropes you placed on yourself are unraveling and that he is pulling and your heart is following. Good luck.