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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reading the label...

There are things, just things, which are important to me, very important, which may not seem so important to someone else.

But for me, they mean everything.

Some may laugh that they hold such a place in my heart.

They may seem silly, or even very minor to others.

There is no right, no wrong, we are all in a sense, free to make a choice as to what is important.

I only know for me, how i live my life, is based around those things i value.

It is entirely possible that everyone has the same values in their life, but view them, or define them differently.

Regardless, for me i can not deviate from what i hold as important.

It is for me, a constant.

The corner stone on which all else is built. With one weak stone, the foundation crumbles.

It is never an easy task. Not at all!

But in the end, you know it is strong, it is solid, and it is safe.

And that is the only place i want to be...


  1. Sooooo....what are those things you value?

    There seems to be some universally accepted principals over time and throughout cultures, some emphasized more than others. Honesty, courage, humility, there are many others. Are you talking about those kinds of things, or do you mean more like going to the gym four times a week, eating lots of vegetables, having sex every day.

    You have kept us all in suspense. What are the values of which you speak?

  2. ha ha checking to see who is awake today...lol. the clue is the title...yes I know, I am most definitely in need of a good otk...

  3. Reading the label? Hmmm. Empty collar? Histoy? What's the label???????

  4. Ok, duh. Integrity and honesty. Now I feel like an idjit. And me trying to get all philosophical.

  5. It is certainly a case of "seeing things differently", some times the answers are right in front of us, but we over look them. Thank you ND!