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Sunday, April 24, 2011

breathing ...

I am excited for the day...

Not just because its Easter and i do not have to work...

Not just because it starts 4 days in a row off from work..

Not just because i get to see the kiddo who is now so grown and has no

need for his mom to kiss his banged up knees and make everything all better...

But rather because it is a day i woke up and felt hope

about what the day may bring.

Life is such a gift..

And there are times when it moves so fast, and seems so difficult,

That i forget how very lucky i am to be here...

I forget to just stop what i am doing

to leave the worries behind

to just take in the beauty of the day

And breath...

Have a wonderful holiday all ....


  1. Very well said and a great reminder!! Happy Easter my friend.

  2. Ohh too true, time to stop and stare and smile. Happy Easter Histoy and thanks for such an uplifting post xxx