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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being a bad girl really is okay...

I can feel within me some changes.

I would never say the words fuck or slut or, heaven forbid, cunt.

But now they just roll off my tongue quite unconsciously.

Am i becoming a bad girl?

I always thought i was a bad girl, deep inside, all those kinky erotic thoughts all the time.

So maybe i am becoming a badder bad girl.

The inhibitions become fewer, the desire to show "who i am" stronger.

The need to pursue what i want in my life has become almost insatiable.

And i am okay with that.

The acceptance that maybe i am not "normal" in the vanilla world is one i relish.

I have no desire to be normal.

I view normal everyday, and i love being different than that.

I love that the people reading this, understand it.

Maybe once in a while, it will generate a wisp of a smile because they have felt that too.

And they know, just as i do, that they are in some pretty cool company.

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