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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Daddy Dom

Its strange but lately i seem to be gravitating toward the Daddy Dom types.

Is it the need to hear "good girl"?

Is it because it represents a more "loving" type of relationship in my mind?

Can all D/s or M/s relationships be defined in that context?

All those questions can be answered with a yes for me. I need reaffirmation that i am pleasing him, that is what sends this girl flying. Knowing that he is receiving "all" i can possibly give. Knowing that he understands the meaning of that. On the exterior, i am this tough NY kind of girl, but its really not who i am! Not by a long shot. This lifestyle allows me the opportunity to put the NY tough away, to reach inside and find that lil girl, to let her out and let her live, let her touch and feel life in all its beauty, all its splendor. But then isn't that the significance of D/s or M/s relationship as well.

So the new player on the block, is really an old player. We first began speaking back in September, but at the same time i was speaking with another, and opted for the other. But he has been a "regret" of the many "wrong" choices i have made. So i swallowed my pride, i groveled back to him, apology in hand. What he offers is basically all that i seek. The one segment of my checklist which isn't standing out with him though is the first one. Of course that is one which is extremely important. I do not remember in our previous conversations spending much time laughing, but we will determine that on Monday when he drives over to meet. Last time in our conversations, he was always too busy, no free time to meet. Now it seems he understands the window. He is aware he needs to push it, not assume it will always be open, and really isn't that what a good Daddy always does?

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