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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Is it an ending, or a new beginning?

About a week ago i came upon a profile, it was fairly long, but i read it completely.

I saw in it glimpses:
daddy / lil girl,

I sent a note, taking apart pieces and responding to those particular points.

And the dialogue began.

In just a few hours he will be in front of me, and i will know!

The conversation so far has been quite direct, he has pushed, often quite intensely.

i pull back, then push forward.

He releases then pulls tighter.

we are dancing in unison.

And it fits.

It feels so good!

Just one more step to go...

The hardest, most difficult step of all.

Looking deep into his soul, and KNOWING this is where i belong, knowing that it is he that i have waited for, searched for, craved for so very long.

I am scared.

I am excited.

Does the dance end here, or is it just beginning?

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